Tiger – Inspiration by Tanuj N. Rediff by ivee

Tanuj wrote “I don’t want to see neither a woman nor a man as a tiger. I would love to see them gentle, humble & politely overcoming their animal instincts. There is no glory in becoming animallike. We should always try to elevate ourselves to be  humanlike. It is a continuous process and that is why it is a great challenge to ourselves within.
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A Tiger's Life - BLUE version i said: you misunderstood me. sure – in one thing he is right – yet – that would be a discussion which is actually necessary – well, he remains in silence…
However; many things we have copied fm our brothers and sisters – the animals. Sonar, camouflage, insolation, flying, adaption – etc… why is it wrong when we pursue our goals passionately and feel for others with compassion? I once read a book abt the whole creation – our steps – or levels of development we go through: 1. stone 2. plant 3. animal 4. human 5. philosopher 6. prophet 7. son/daughter of God – yes – to explain ALL that is a bit much – yet – that you might perhaps understand – how i mean it Smiling hv a great weekend


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