Biophany, Feng Shui in General – by ivee

Nandita asked me to write about Feng Shui.
Since I am going to school which does not involve Feng Shui fm China, only – i.e. also Feng Shui fm Switzerland – i.e. Biophany, I have decided to put all of my “common” information together and – as the title reveals, in general.
The main issue is that Feng Shui looks different in every situation. When you are single and a woman, you will be estimated about yourself, only. When you get married, your husband will be the “ruler” of the house (in China) and your Feng Shui will be done after your husband (1st issue = PEOPLE). Then we talk about the location – the location is an issue. The landscape (2nd issue) and the house (3rd issue) will be calculated. Best thing would be to build a house according to the Feng Shui of both. Our forefathers in Europe called Feng Shui – The Science of the “Best Place”. They usually have asked an oscillator to search ground which was used to build a house; i.e. to find out about the water and the magnetic fields. Maybe you have heard about the web which is around the whole Earth. It looks like a matrix.
In India you call it Vastu – Veda Feng Shui. My teacher has put all these sciences together and brought in the knowledge of her family, as well – architects who revealed ancient secrets which were kept in the family only. She shares it with us – her science’s name is Biophany. Also here – it depends on the family – the situation – anything. With Biophany you will oscillate a lot, your health, your job, the house, the landscape, the environment, people, auras, animals, actually “ALL”. Until you get the “bigger” picture.
Yet now i get back to Feng Shui. We can talk in general about some rules of Feng Shui. For example – the bathroom: – Actually the locations of bath and toilet should be well thought of. The toilet’s best place would be in the North. You should keep it covered all the times – because the Chinese say: when it is open – the wealth can go down (the drain). Actually this is VERY interesting. When you go back in time and observe how priests and other “holy people” have gotten rid of entities, then North was very important. The last direction to get rid of entities was North = Earth. You start with East represents Air – then you go to South – which represents Fire – then you go West – which represents Water and then you are in the North – Earth. Earth is (at least for us) the strongest. In Biophany we do not count Earth – because we live on it. We work with Mercury – Moon – Venus and Sun. These do influence us directly i.e. also our bodies. Remember we consist of more than 50 % of liquids (i.e. water). Blood – that was in Isaac Asimov’s book Blood bearer of life – he wrote: our blood consists of the same as the “first sea” the mother of all seas. Therefore if you ever tasted your own blood, it is salty. So the moon influences the seas – and indirectly us, as well. The moon in Astrology represents our mood. Lunatic = moody. Venus = love – Sun = life and Mercury = mind.
In the Chinese Feng Shui – you got five elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal.
Well – let us get back to the bathroom. We have learnt that the bathroom should be kept intimate; i.e. “covered”. In Feng Shui it should not even be placed on the opposite of the Entrance – i.e. in Feng Shui the entrance is like the mouth of a human body. And the Exit versus the Entrance does not really make sense. The kitchen should also not be placed directly next to the bathroom, i.e. Eating and Letting go together… You see – actually Feng Shui is pretty logical – with common sense you can already do a lot. I once lived at a place where the bathroom was exactly opposite the entrance door – we covered it with a Partition. Problem solved. The bathroom was a dead room – i.e. no windows. There you need something which represents LIFE – we took a fern made of tissue – cause which flower can sustain a room without light? Another problem solved. The rest was fine. These were insights of part of Feng Shui. Next time – should you all be interested – we go to bedrooms – sleep is very important. Please let me know whether you would like to know more about Feng Shui.


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