FEELINGS of Love – etc… by ivee

Feelings of love = power
Sometimes people are overwhelmed by these loving feelings
They show – and then regret to have shown their love
Do you die when you show them to the ones you love?
No, my opinion is that you will die a little for loving feelings you have not shown.
That = worse
So why not show how you feel instead of regretting bitterly that you kept it inside?
I have learnt that most people were very happy when I told them what I felt – these can also be NORMAL feelings – sad – confused – etc.. Those can be showed to your friends, your kids – or your parents – they were happy and/or even said: you took the words right out of my mouth.
Feelings untold – yes – my opinion to that is – if you keep all to yourself it is a kind of cowardice. With other words – yes, it takes a lot of courage to say the truth and what you feel.

So why keeping them to yourself when your heart is nearly bursting and worn on your sleeve?
Tell your loved ones more often what they mean to you – who they are in your life! Heartfelt compliments – these smiles you will earn will make your day so much brighter and/or relieved…

BTW – concerning love:
Every loving feeling is like the ringing of a bell, the whisper of angels, and the giggle of your heart – LOVE – your direct line to GOD. © by ivee


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